About us

Heli Tour Nepal offers a range of helicopter tour packages in Nepal, allowing you to enjoy the stunning and magnificent views of the Himalayas. With the numerous range of aviation services namely mountain views, city sightseeing, research tours, photography tours, and filming tours we claim to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re a newly married couple on a honeymoon or looking to celebrate a special event or moment in the remote part of the Himalayas, Heli Tour Nepal aims to fulfill your dreams with comfort.

One of the most famous helicopter tours in the world is the trip to the base camp of Mount Everest. This tour offers the euphoria of being in the presence of the world’s highest mountain peaks. Heli Tour Nepal also provides popular helicopter rides, such as the Annapurna Base Camp helicopter tour and the Muktinath helicopter tour. These trips offer mesmerizing mountain views and easy access to religious sites like Muktinath, Pathivara, Halesi, and Gosainkunda.

Heli Tour Nepal offers aircraft charter services for sightseeing and VIP experiences according to your preferences. If you are in need of capturing stunning aerial footage for filming or photography purposes our experienced pilots and well-equipped helicopters can accommodate aerial filming projects to capture breathtaking shots from the air. In emergency situations, our well-trained crew is ready to provide immediate assistance and evacuation. We also offer chartered flights for various purposes, including corporate travel, business trips, or leisure travel.

Heli Tour Nepal tends to prioritize customer satisfaction including the commitment to make your tours unforgettable with safety and comfort. You can contact the Heli Tour Nepal office for more detailed information or to inquire about their services. They are ready to assist you in making your dream of experiencing the Himalayas from the air a reality,

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