How much does helicopter ride cost in Nepal?

One must be planning to visit Nepal and explore the best places for a lifetime experience and wondering How much does helicopter ride cost in Nepal? Well, a helicopter tour in Nepal is the best means to check the challenging and hard topography of Nepal. In the event in which the travelers are willing to experience the magnificent Nepal without conserving with the physical weariness and comprehensive strolling on the demanding and downhill routes then this is the finest package it selects. Visit Nepal with with a helicopter and view the winged creature eye outlook of the pleasant country. Inexpensive costs and different characteristics of visiting with a sumptuous way surely make the Nepal trip packages be highlighted from others.

There are limitless locations where the travelers can take helicopters in Nepal hence recommends the travers to spend large on the notorious objective of Nepal as it were. Therefore there will be tours like Everest Helicopter visit and Annapurna Helicopter Tour. The kind of tours can be sorted out as a base of 5 days visit. Be that since it might, to the off chance which the travelers care seeking for the day visits in Helicopter against Everest base camp or Annapurna base camp or other beautiful locations of Nepal. Helicopter tours are exciting experiences which fly one above attractive jungle, significant Nepali villages, shrines, glaciers, mountainous ranges, etc.

The country Nepal is a nation filled with topographical distinctiveness. It comprises three regions that involve Terai, Hilly, and Himalayan Region. Each region of Nepal is varied from each other in regards to climate, weather, and way of living. Having these kinds of immense geological distinctiveness, the way via which they can reach certain locations is varied too. For example, the travelers can take roadways to reach the Terai region and Hilly Region. Hence, not each district of Nepal is reachable via roadways. They are required to travel by airplane or helicopter to reach there. Helicopter charter prices in Nepal differ depending on where the travelers want to go, what they are willing to do and the duration of time. It also relies on the kind of Helicopter model they want to use. Helicopter Tour Price in Nepal or Nepal Helicopter Tour cost

If anybody is thinking How much does helicopter ride cost in Nepal? Then a helicopter is not a usual option of transportation in Nepal just like every other nation on the planet. The cost of a helicopter trip in Nepal relies on the number of travelers and the duration they are going to travel by the helicopter. For example, the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Pokhara costs about US$ 350, and the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Group Tour costs around US$ 900. The cost relies upon the season of traveling together with the tour package the travelers select. If they are on a Helicopter tour package with, they get good discounts and also the best services ever. If the question arises in the minds of travelers that How much does helicopter ride cost in Nepal? Then they also contact at +977 9866551703 (WhatsApp).

Some of the famous destinations provide by are:

Tour Place Price each person Price each flight
Lukla $ $
Jomsom $ $
Namche $ $
Lumbini $ $
Everest Base Camp $ $
Annapurna Base Camp $ $
Gosaikunda $ $
Muktinath $ $
Upper Mustang $ $
Rara  $ $

The best to travel for a Helicopter Tour in Nepal

An individual can arrange a Helicopter tour at any time of the year. There are not any limitations as per time whatsoever. But if they don’t want to leave any room for dissatisfaction, then they can go for the spring or fall (autumn) season. The winter season in Nepal (December, January, and February) will not have the clear and finest sights of nearly each location due to low transparency and fog. This season’s helicopter tour can also be disturbed by snow – storms. Likewise, the summer season of Nepal is the rainy season. Making it more prone to accidents up in the sky. In addition, the rain and dark clouds stop the travelers acquiring the finest possible landscape.

This can also detain or cancel the Helicopter tour entirely. Spring season (March and November) on the other hand, have an absolute environment, weather, and unobstructed landscape below. These two seasons also have little to no possibilities of trouble events because of weather problems. Normally, there are no flight cancellations or delays either. Although arranging Helicopter trips are likely to be done at any time of the year, it is best to travel in the spring and autumn seasons. Normally, the best time of the day to be at their place is the morning. Mornings normally have the finest and cool weather. This period of the day presents better landscapes in comparison to the afternoon and evening.



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