Kathmandu to Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Dhaulagiri is the seventh-highest mountain in the world standing at an altitude of 8, 167 m(26,975 feet) above sea level. Kathmandu to Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter tour is also considered as an interesting trekking destination in Nepal. Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter tours offer you the beauty of the eye-dazzling panoramic mountain range, breathtaking landscapes, snow covered clips and many cultural mysteries.This tour provides a one day itinerary with breathtaking scenery through dramatic semi-arid desert, colorful rock formations, steep ravines, and snow-capped peaks in the remote Himalayan region of the Dhaulagiri regions.

Kathmandu to Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the 2 hours flight journey to land in the Dhaulagiri Base Camp from Kathmandu. Helicopter flight over waterfalls, green forests, rivers, landscapes and the traditional villages with a closed view. This tour explores the eye-catching views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain range from the bird-eye perspsective. If you have enough time to explore the Dhaulagiri region then you can go through it by Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek. We are always ready to give you a smooth and impressive flight whenever you want to enjoy a short holiday or a business trip. So, don’t miss out on this beautiful Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter trip which can be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Best Seasons for Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The best Season for the Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter Tour is from March to May (Spring) and from September to November (Autumn). During these months, the weather is dry and clear with fresh air and the temperature is mild. So, it is suitable for the Helicopter trips.
Spring Seasons
In the Spring season, the hills and valleys are covered with blooming rhododendrons, and the weather becomes generally more stable than other Seasons. This Season has clear skies and mild temperatures. Nepali’s main festival Dashain and Tihar is also in this season so most of the Nepali peoples come for trekking to enjoy their vacation with traditional culture.

Autumn Seasons
The Autumn season offers clear skies and panaromic views of the Himalayan mountains, with mild temperatures during the day and cool temperatures at night. So it is the perfect time for Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter tours.

Monsoon Season
During the Monsoon season (June to August), It makes difficult to fly over cloudy and unclear weather. So i will not suggest you for the Helicopter tour during this season. Similarly, Dhaulagiri region experiences heavy rainfall, and the trails become slippery and muddy which makes it difficult for trekking also.

Winter seasons
During the Winter season (December to February), the Dhaulagiri Base Camp region experiences heavy snowfall, and the temperature can drop to freezing point. So, it is not suitable for the Helicopter tours of the Dhaulagiri regions.

So, the best time to go for the Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter Tour is during the Spring and Autumn seasons when the weather is mild and stable, and the sky is clear with fresh air.

Why Dhaulagiri Base camp Helicopter Tours?

The Dhaulagiri is a remote and Himalayan region with no transportation, so the helicopter tour is the best choice to explore it. Because of the tough trail and unpredictable weather conditions trekking in Dhaulagiri regions isn’t easy to go through the street. In the Rainy season, roads will be muddy and landslides might occur, so it is a best choice for the Helicopter flight. Dhaulagiri Helicopter tours provide the best Himalayan scenery within a short period of time. While on the Dhaulagiri Base Camp tour, you can appreciate the green forests, remote settlements, traditional villages, and a closed view of the northern Himalayan range like Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himal. You will fly over the Dhaulagiri regions with a bird eye perspective and chance to take eye-catching tour photographs. So, It is the best trip for those who are physically unable to do Dhaulagiri Base Camp trekking, and still want to see up close eye-dazzling views of Dhaulagiri range.

Highlights of the Dhaulagiri Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Impressive Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Dhaulagiri Base Camp with eye-dazzling views of Himalayan peaks.
Views of stunning landscapes, glaciers and ice falls.
Explores the view of the Kathmandu Valley.
Experience the sherpa’s Custom, traditional culture and their lifestyle.
Provides an opportunity to capture the photography of Himalayan regions from Helicopter.
Explores the impressive bird’s eye-views of the Mountain ranges, blue lakes.
Enjoy the sunrise view of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountains.



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