Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Kathmandu to kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter Tour is one of the very interesting tours in Nepal. Mount kanchenjunga is located at the northern-east part of Nepal stands at an altitude of 8,586m above the sea level. Mount Kanchenjunga is famous as the third highest Mountain in the world. This tour provides the chance to fly over the Kanchenjunga regions which is completely covered by Alpine forests, Subtropical forests, Rocky outcrops, waterfalls and low river valleys. We can be sure that Culturally and naturally rich Kanchenjunga regions will make your mind blowing and will get an amazing Himalayan beauty experience.

Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter Tour is one of the alternative ways to visit the Kanchenjunga region. It is the one day tour program of the Kanchenjunga regions and may take around 3 hours to land in the Kanchenjunga Base camp from the Kathmandu airport. During this flight journey, we will take some high quality photographs for the memory of Himalayan beauty. From the Kanchenjunga Base camp you can see the eye-catching views of forests, snow-covered mountain peaks, scenic beauty, traditional villages and their culture can be seen during the flight. We will provide another option to explore Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp by trekking also.

Highlights of Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter Tours

1. Explore the scenic view from the Kanchenjunga Base Camp.
2. Explore the impressive natural beauty of the Kanchenjunga Mountain.
3. Breathtaking views of the Mountain peaks and dense forests.
4.Provides an opportunity to capture the photography of Himalayan regions from Helicopter.
5. Explores the impressive bird’s eye-views of the Mountain ranges, blue lakes.
6. Views of stunning landscapes, glaciers and ice falls.
7. Explores the view of the Kathmandu Valley.

Benefits of the Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter Tours

Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter tour package is specially designed for tourists who want to take advantage of seeing most of the Himalayan beauty area in a short amount of time. This tour is perfect for people who are physically unable to do trek but have a desire to enjoy the eye-dazzling views of the mountains from close distance. Trekkers who have health issues can also take an amazing experience from the Heli tour package of kanchenjunga regions. so , in only a three hour journey, you will have a chance to experience the amazing memories of the Himalayan adventures.

Best Seasons for Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter Tours

According to the geography and weather conditions of Nepal, the seasons are divided into 4 categories. The best season for the Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter tours is difficult to predict but Autumn(September, November, December) and Spring (May, April, June) are considered as the best for Helicopter rides. So In this season , routes and weather are very clear and low chances of rainfall.

Autumn Season
Autumn Season begins from mid September and mid November. In this season, the sky becomes clear, fresh air and with a moderate traveling temperature. Trekking Routes are covered by colorful flowers and unique plants. Nepali’s main festival Dashain and Tihar is also in this season so most of the Nepali peoples come for trekking to enjoy their vacation with traditional culture. For the Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopters tour Autumn is one of the best because it also has high altitude.

Spring Season
Spring Season occurs from Mid-March to Mid-May and is the best season for the tourist destination and the Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopters tours also. We can also enjoy the high ice-capped peaks and play with our teams. This season has warm weather (not hot or cold) and mostly so many thousands of tourists are attracted yearly In Nepal and makes it comfortable for Helicopters tours also . So,Spring season can be considered as one of the best seasons for the Kathmandu to Kanchenjunga Base Camp Helicopter tours. I would recommend this tour to any of you, if they want to enjoy flying with good Himalayan adventures in Nepal safely.



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