Rara Lake Helicopter Tour

Rara Lake Helicopter tour is an alternative to the Rara Lake trekking that leads you to explore Nepal’s  largest and beautiful Rara lake in Mugu district. Rara Lake is one of the biggest and deepest lakes with fresh blue water standing at an altitude of 2,990 meters. It is famous as a queen of the lake in the world so that attracts thousands of tourists to see their deep blue fresh water. Similarly, this lake is surrounded by a beautiful Rara National park with Pine, Spruce and Juniper forest with the flora and fauna. If you are lucky then you will also get to see other rare wild animals such as black panther, panda, Himalayan dark deer and other wildfires in the Rara Lake trip.

Rara Lake Helicopter Tour is a one day interesting journey that starts  from Kathmandu airport and lands into the Rara Lake. It takes about 1 hour to reach Rara Lake with fresh blue water. By the Rara Helicopter tour you will enjoy the drifting waves of the deep blue Fresh water, the cotton candy clouds on its crust, Sunny rays reflecting as pearls and  pictures of the Dark blue sky. If you have enough time to explore the Rara region then you can go through it by Rara Lake Trek. We are always ready to give you a smooth and impressive flight whenever you want to enjoy a short holiday. So, don’t miss out on this beautiful  Rara Lake Helicopter trip which can be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Why Rara Lake Helicopter Tours?

The Rara Lake Helicopter Tour is one of the best destinations to explore the Himalayan scenery within a short period of time. Tourists who are unable to trek due to some physical fitness problem but want to get a Himalayan experience with cherished memories are very effective. This Lake area and trails are not linked with road transportation yet so they are using animals such as helicopters, mules and donkeys to carry their daily needed things. Going by trek  in these regions takes around 10    days and you have to walk about 4 to 5 hours per day. So, from the helicopter tours we can explore the Himalayan region even if you have a short period of holiday. Therefore, every person has a dream to explore the Rara Lake Helicopter Tours and it is the best option to reach Nepal’s largest and most awaited beautiful lake in a single day.

Rara Lake Helicopter Tours Highlights

Take a relaxing flight from Kathmandu to the Rara Lakeside.
Fly over the famous  Nepalgunj, Jumla, Himalayan landscapes and other traditional mountain villages.
Explore the wonderful  views of the mountain ranges  like Langtang,Manaslu, and Annapurna etc.
Explore the blue freshwater Rara Lake and  take a lot of quality photos of Rara lake side with dark blue sky.
Get to see beautiful icefalls and landscapes throughout the trip.
Professional with friendly team and best price.

Best Seasons for Rara Lake Helicopter Tours

According to the geography and weather conditions of Nepal, the seasons are divided into 4 categories. The best season for the Kathmandu to Rara Lake Helicopter tours is difficult to predict but Autumn(September, November, December) and Spring (May, April, June) are considered  as the best for Helicopter rides. so  In this season , routes and weather are very  clear and low chances of rainfall.

Autumn Season

Autumn Season begins from mid September and mid November. In this season, the sky becomes clear, fresh air and with a moderate traveling temperature. Trekking  Routes are  covered by  colorful flowers and unique plants. Nepali’s  main festival Dashain and Tihar is also in this season so  most of the Nepali peoples come for trekking to enjoy their vacation with traditional culture. For the Kathmandu to Rara Lake Helicopters tour  Autumn is one of the best  because it also has high altitude.

Spring Season

Spring Season occurs from Mid-March to Mid-May and is the best season for the tourist destination and the  Kathmandu to Rara Lake Helicopters tours  also. We can also enjoy the high ice-capped peaks and play with our teams. This season has warm weather (not hot or cold) and mostly so many thousands of tourists are attracted yearly In Nepal and makes it comfortable for Helicopters tours  also . So,Spring season can be considered as one of the best seasons for the  Kathmandu to Rara Lake Helicopter tours. I would recommend this tour to any of you, if they want to enjoy flying with good  Himalayan adventures in Nepal safely.


Is it possible to join any other group during Kathmandu to Rara Lake Helicopter tours?

Well, you can join any other group for the Kathmandu to  Rara Lake Helicopter tour. You have to send an email with your preferred date or you can send a message on whatsapp to arrange for you in a group. We will be sure that we give you the best service with a friendly environment and professional team.

Is it safe to travel to  Rara Lake by Helicopter?

Yes, It is totally safe to travel to  Rara Lake  by helicopter in Nepal.

How many people can go in one helicopter  during the Rara Lake tour?

Upto 5 people can be accomodate in one helicopter during the Rara  Lake tour. Including one Pilot there will be 6 people per Helicopter.

What is the time of the airport? What happens if I become late?

You are required to reach the airport before 30 minutes of flight time and you can book your ticket by simply mailing and calling us. In case of being late, you can inform the airport representative. Helicopters can wait for a short time for you.

What are the safety notes for the Rara Lake Helicopter tour?

Following instruction should be followed always during any Helicopter tours.

Do not forget to wear a seatbelt during flight.
Do not throw an object outside from the window of Helicopter.
Listen to  the pilot instruction carefully for safety.
Do not drink and smoke during the flight time.



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